Is justice served in punishment

The death penalty does this in a permanent and irrevocable way. Pro is making an entirely unwarranted generalization about murderers which presupposes a mental capacity inadequate for rehabilitation.

Pro Thank You for the warm welcome, nice to meet you as well Con. Now the logic follows that when one person violates that right, they should be punished. Without further adieu, 1. Are you becoming the villain?

Remember that, according to the Fifth Amendment, no one can be deprived of life among other rights without due process first; this means that a man doesn't automatically "forfeit" his rights. Chandara chose to hold firm to her silence and take the guilty plea instead of going along with the lies that were built around her.

You might not think so, Pro, but I would contend that this debate has already been Is justice served in punishment. As for the analogy used by Con, "While Pro may champion the death penalty as a proportional punishment, murdering a murderer makes as much sense as the government breaking into a thief's house to steal his possessions.

At this point, his case doesn't really have anything to stand on. Chandara chose to hold firm to her silence and take the guilty plea instead of going along with the lies that were built around her. Dukhiram was then called to the witness-box. This was the example of an oppressed society and goes to show that there are countries where the men are in fact held up higher than the women where freedom and nature are concerned.

We would do well to ask whether the goods we seek in harming offenders are worthwhile, and whether the means we choose will indeed secure them. Chidham and his wife Chandara both passionately loved each other. Don't allow him to come and "pick it back up" in later rounds. It is completely reasonable to draw upon these facts the conclusion that someone who shows such disregard for human life shall face the same punishment.

What do all of these men have in common?

Death penalty serves justice to murderous monsters

I don't think anyone here will disagree that humans have an essential right to life. While Pro may argue that some criminals simply cannot be rehabilitated, that is not an adequate justification for condemning some to death who may have had the capacity to repent of their crimes.

Justice Served?

Con argues that criminals should undergo rehabilitation, as opposed to the death penalty. The story begins when the two brothers return home from work and hear that their wives have been screaming and yelling at each other again.

Now that someone has indeed accepted the debate, I can reveal the statistical support for my arguments. The assertion underlying my opponent is making is that murdering another man is a forfeiture of the right to life on the spot; if this were the case, then any law abiding citizen would have the authority to take the murderer's life, as he would have forfeited that right.

These results were found even as the professors admitted themselves to be against the death penalty. The Bigger Picture 4 Comments Credit: Besides educating people regarding what is not acceptable behavior, it serves the dual function of preventing vigilante justice by acknowledging public anger, while concurrently deterring future criminal activity by stigmatizing the offender.

When people think of punishment for a crime such as this we also think about it as a lawful punishment.Although there are different concepts of what constitutes just punishment, anytime the well-being of the criminal out ways that of the victim, justice has not been served.

To gauge justice, one should ask themselves. The lawful punishment of Dukhiram through the justice system, there was no punishment served. Dukhiram’s punishment in a sense is much harsher than the punishment that Chandara received on. Death penalty does not serve purpose of justice; it is revenge there is no credible evidence on whether capital punishment deters crime.

On the contrary, death penalty can rather be regarded. Death penalty serves justice to murderous monsters. Zach Plahn March 26, No. Killing someone for murder isn’t revenge. It is justice. It is punishment. Much less expensive, justice is served (have you seen a person who has had a year in solitary confinement?

Just about torture if you ask me.), and there will never be a chance. Justice is never truly served when the victim is murdered; eye for an eye is the worst possible form of sentencing, but once you max out what you’ve done to your victim by murdering them, by leaving a family fatherless, Can justice be served through punishment?

If yes, why? Is justice served in punishment? There are many factors that should be considered as to whether or not justice is being served by the punishment given.

Is justice served in punishment
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